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We were originally registered as Hope Restoration Centre CBO in May 2011 with the government of Kenya as a Community Based Organization(CBO). In June 2014 we re-registered as an NGO under the name of  'Kisumu Hope Restoration Programme'  with the NGO Coordination Board of Kenya. At our Centre/school we give our beneficiaries time, affection, attention, love and most importantly we provide our children with friendly home atmosphere to help them overcome self internalized social stigma, discrimination and self pity. We also provide our children with basic quality education in accordance with our Government's New Education Curriculum (CBC). At the end of our life transformation process in our school, we envision our children to build self esteem, gain self confidence, become proactive in all they do, become assertive on their rights, become healthy and full of confidence for their future.

 Our Vision: A society where every child receives the support he/she needs to develop his/her full social potential irrespective of his/her origin.

 Our Mission: To transform the lives of our beneficiaries through provision of quality Basic Education and other life changing activities at our Albert Schweitzer Primary School. All our activities are geared towards helping our beneficiaries overcome social life challenges with hope and confidence for their future and eventually become responsible members of their communities.

Our objectives:

To become a life transformation centre/school for children who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS to get empowered and become responsible citizens of  their communities.

- To empower children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS to realize their self worth through imaginative and creativity thinking activities like personal story telling, songs and dances, music festivals, theatre plays,video coverage and film making.

- To insure every child a good life by facilitating necessary health referrals.

- To provide a condusive learning environment for all our beneficiaries and ensure they attend school regularly.

Our main Objective: - To promote human rights, access to education, health and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS among orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

Our Specific Objectives:- To help advocate for protection of human rights among our target group through awareness and advocacy.

- To help our beneficiaries get access to quality Basic Education through provision of formal education at our Albert Schweitzer School.

- To mitigate HIV/AIDS prevalence through awareness campaigns, home visits PLWHA, counseling, encouraging drug adherence among positives.

Our target group:  Orphans and Vulnerable children affected/infected by HIV/AIDS children in Seme Sub County, Kisumu County.

 Our Core Values:

  • ·    Accountability
  • ·    Empathy
  • ·    Honesty
  •      Love 
  •      Determination
  •      Hardwork


The Problem:

Kenya has a population of approximately 48 million people. As a developing nation, one of the leading challenges to our country's socio-economic well being is the spread of HIV. According to the latest HIV prevalence statistics released by the Kenya National AIDS & STI Control Program (NASCOP) on 1st August, 2020, Kenya is the 4th most HIV/AIDS affected nation in the world with a prevalence rate is at 6.3% nationally. According to UNICEF, the prevalence rate is at 7.4% nationally. Among the 8 Provinces in Kenya, Nyanza Province is leading at 15.1% followed by Nairobi at 9%. According to the Government's statistics, Kisumu County where we are situated is the 2nd mosty affected county in HIV prevalence(12500 new infections in 2013) in the country after Homa Bay County. The scourge has led to massive pools of orphans and vulnerable children in our communities who need our urgent attention.

Without the guidance, structure, and support that families can provide, the orphaned children are suffering from various social problems.

Most of them live with their old grandparents who in most cases are less productive to provide their basic needs.

This expose them to a host of problems like getting involved in child labor to get food, high school dropout/truancy, depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, loss of self esteem and lack of self confidence to talk openly about their problems. While the society might be willing to help, most members are non responsive to the plight of this target group since they are very poor and cannot provide beyond their personal households (65% living below a budget of $1 a day).This basically leaves our target group in a very desperate situation and in dear need for our support.

Our organization, has been providing quality Basic Education since January 2016. At our school we provide our children with breakfast and lunch food, school uniforms to the very needy, counseling, making referrals for the sick, and making home visits to check progress of our beneficiaries. We believe our target group need to be shown love and attention and be helped to come out of their self imposed social stigma conditions through personal touch on their lives. We do this by involving them in imaginative and creativity driven activities like drama, personal life stories, songs and dances, drawing and painting,photography, video coverage and editing, film making and theatre plays. By getting involved in our programed activities, our children build self esteem and self confidence and are able to have hope in their future lives which is seemingly missing out now!

Our current project activities:

- Nutritious food provision for our children(breakfast and lunch at our school).

- Continuing to carry out life transformation activities at our Centre/school.

- Providing health access for our sick children through referrals.

- Educating our children on the importance of nutrition, ARVs and HIV prevention.

- Providing school fees and other school requirements for our older children learning in other community schools.


"Change is scary sometimes,but allowing fear to stop you from evolving/growing/progressing is even scarier."